About Thrill Rider

Life is not fair. Orphaned at 7, SCOTT GIBSON grew up at the Georgia Peach, an aging Family Entertainment park, 75 miles South of Atlanta. A high school athlete he dreamed of modernizing the Peach, the economic lifeblood of the small town of Mason Bridge, Georgia. Then came 911. Scott joined the Army Air Core the day after he finished high school intending to strike back that the entity that had attacked his Country. In 6 months he was a drone pilot in Afghanistan, now 3 years later he is back home with a dishonorable discharge and PTSD only to find that the Georgia Peach is closing.

An unexpected invitation to participate in a Super Coaster Lottery provides a chance to save the Park, the small town and redeem himself, but will expose Scott to a far greater evil than el-Qaeda, hidden deep inside the Government of the Country he had sworn to defend.